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Riverstone Collection Knobs

Pictured below are our natural ocean stone knobs (riverstone knobs) and polished ocean stone knobs.
Further information follows the ordering block for how to order our stem to make your own knobs.

Natural Ocean Stone Knobs

Natural Ocean Stone Knobs
Polished Ocean Stone Knobs

Polished Ocean Stone Knobs

Coral Tone Knobs

Coral Tone Knobs
Item Description Price Order Qty.
Item 1463 Natural - Brown/Tan $4.95
Item 1458 Natural - Green $4.95
Item 1449 Natural - Black $4.95
Item 1494 Polished - Creme $5.45
Item 1487 Polished - Brown Tones $5.45
Item 1470 Polished - Black $5.45
Item 1432 Natural Coral Tone - Red/Brown $4.95
All knobs are 1½" - 2", size, shape, color varies.

Each ocean stone knob varies in size, shape, and color. The knobs have dimensions from 1-½" to 2".

The black natural ocean stones are from a beach in Mexico and are shades of black/charcoal. The green natural ocean stones are from Indonesia and vary from light green to blue/green to a darker green. The tan/brown natural ocean stones are from Peru and have a sealer. They range from beige to tan to brown.

The polished ocean stones are from Indonesia. The polished black stone knobs are a fairly consistent shiny black. The polished brown stone knobs vary from tan to mahogany to brown and are multicolored. The polished créme stone knobs are créme to very light beige/off white. The polished black and brown knobs show best on lighter finishes. The créme stone knob looks best on darker finishes.

The coral tone ocean stone knobs are shades of reddish brown. They are natural stones from beaches in Indonesia. The coral tones are a "southwest" look.

riverstone knob stems

We use a 5/8" diameter by 7/8" long metal cylindrical knob stem with a matte silver finish. We use a two step, industrial strength glue to attach the knob stem to the stone. If you are interested in making your own stone knobs, we sell the knob stem and a glue kit. For information on purchasing our knob stem and suggestions on making your own knobs, please contact us at or call us at 800-624-9232