Glass Knob Collection

Our glasso knob collection is available in clear glass knob, recycle green glass knob, light purple glass knob, amber glass knob, red glass knob, and olive glass knob. The knobs use a center pin mounting system as pictured below. The pin extends 1 1/2" from the front mounting surface through the mouinting hole in the drawer or door. For example, if your cabinet surface is 3/4", the mounting pin extends 3/4" out the back surface. Clear, recycle green, and light purple glass knobs use a silver finish pin. Amber, red, and olive glass knobs have an antique brass finish pin. Silver pin available for amber, red, and olive at $1.50 extra. Call 800-624-9232 for this option.


Recycle Green

Light Purple



MFG #DescriptionPriceQuantity
1609Glasso Crystal 1 1/8" D x 1 1/8" H$4.95
1616Glasso Recycle Green 1 1/8" D 1 1/8" H$4.95
1623Glasso Light Purple 1 1/8" D 1 1/8" H$4.95
1630Glasso Amber 1 1/8" D 1 1/8" H$4.95
1647Glasso Red 1 1/8" D 1 1/8" H$4.95DISCONTINUED
1654Glasso Olive 1 1/8" D 1 1/8" H$4.95