Faux Glass & Faux Gemstone Collection

"Faux" glass knobs have the clarity and color of glass but are made of resin. Our "faux" glass knobs come in four mix & match colors - amber, olive, red, and purple. They are 1 3/8" square and use an antique brass center pin and surface cup mounting system.

Faux Glass Knobs

MFG #DescriptionPriceQuantity
P6017CAmber Faux glass square - 1-1/2"$4.95
P6017AOlive Faux glass square - 1-1/2"$4.95
P6017BRuby Faux glass square - 1-1/2"$4.95Discontinued
P6017DPurple glass square - 1-1/2"$4.95

Our "faux gemstone knobs" use a faceted resin face with a pewter finish frame. The faceted shape creates a bright, sparkling reflection.

Faux Gemstone Knobs

MFG #DescriptionPriceQuantity
1562Crystal Faux Gemstone - 1-1/2"$4.95
1548Amber Faux Gemstone - 1-1/2"$4.95
1555Pink Faux Gemstone - 1-1/2"$4.95DISCONTINUED
1579Garnet/Fuschia Faux Gemstone - 1-1/2"$4.95
1586Light Green Faux Gemstone - 1-1/2"$4.95
1593Purple Faux Gemstone - 1-1/2"$4.95